Check All That Apply:

I'm not sure how to prioritize my time.

I'm overwhelmed by my to-do list everyday.

I'm exHausted and yet I feel like I get nothing finished.

I don't know where to start.

I can't stay consistent with my time management.

I feel so unmotivated and it really bums me out.

gahhh, sister I hear you.

feeling so unsettled is worse than boredom for an ambitious womxn

(Mentally) LOL

FOcus strategy for the driven.

Hi, I'm Cait

if you stumbled here from parts unknown on the interwebs, let's cut to the chase. if you're ambitious, can take a little tough love, and looking for some extra icing on your slice of life. keeping reading. 

Which is 

Q: What does VPE stand for?

Vision, Planning, Execution


why I created the 



i honestly can't tell you how many times I used to quit on things. how many years i spent trying to unravel what exactly was holding me back. trying to figure out what was wrong with me, and why I was so exhausted all the time even when I felt like most days I was accomplishing nothing at all. Books, courses, quizzes, trying. trying. trying.


you know what I mean?

It actually wasn't until I moved out here to Portland and started working as a trainer at a boxing gym teaching people to throw round kicks and land punches that I remembered something I learned all those year ago playing soccer. The best way to score the goal is to picture the ball at the back of the net. And if you're not a sporty spice, no big deal, let me put it like this: It's about getting so clear on your vision that your brain thinks it's a reality before you've even begun.

And in my method this isn't just about "woo," affirmations, and nice thoughts about what it would be like to accomplish your goals. No this is about the dirty work and getting real honest about a few things. We go deep, and you gotta be ready to do the work with me,



I know what you're thinking...

"I know what I want, I just don't know how to actually get it." Am I close? I know because I've been there. What I challenge you to stretch with as we walk through the planning section is that you *actually* do know how to get it, you just maybe have a bunch of physical (hello, time!) and mental (waves limiting beliefs) that are getting in your way. When I started my photography business, I obviously knew I needed clients and I knew exactly what I had to do to get them. I.e. reach out directly to restaurants, join FB groups and put my services out there, and get on Instagram and promote my services. The problem was that I was working two jobs and was completely exhausted by the time I got home at the end of the day. Which is totally understandable, #life. Here's the deal though: you can 100% have what you want and with any schedule we can figure out exactly how you're going to get it. I know this because I built a profitable photography business living this life. You can do this, and let's be real because most of this section will help us uncover what's *really* holding you back, and Fun Fact: it more than likely ain't got nothing to do with time. 

Ahhh, this is my absolute favorite part because here is where we bring all that hides in the dark parts of our mind into the light. What do I mean by this? This is the part of my story that I saw the rewards of my consistency when showing up even when shit hit the fan 72 times and was deeply considering if going home was for the best. Because it's not a matter of if the doubt and fear will come up, it's when. So we are going to identify exactly where you're going to get stuck and work through it together to give you a bullet proof shield to move through it when you get there. The best part is that what we learn in this section will not only apply to this specific goal but since these fears often present themselves in multiple areas of our lives this info is the cream of the crop when it comes to building an unstoppable framework for life!




To take the bullshit out of the guesswork and give you a framework that lasts long after your time with me. as much as I'd like to hang, we gotta world to change.

don't mistake these 3 fast and dirty steps for easy. this framework takes work. and although this process will get you success to achieve the goals you want, the work we do inside will equip you for challenges in your life you'll never see coming. i will push you, it will be worth it.

I'd bet on you, will you?

Let's Get into it!

You've made it here because you know there is a purpose on your heart that is bigger than these fears holding you back.

What would it be like to trust that?

So, how does it work?

The VPE Accelerator:

Because if you're anything like me, ya girl likes her options....

Og VPE Method

1 session, 90 minutes, and a 10 day starter plan to get you motivated and making porgress

3 sessions, 90 minutes each, follow up assignments between sessions, and 1 month VPE goal map

view deets + book

view deets + book

VPE ACCellerator

VPE ACCellerator

1 session, zoom call

90 minutes

During this call I will support you in getting clear on the goal you want to accomplish, and if that is the optimal goal for where you're at. This assessment is based on personal factors, as well as the succession to accomplish other goals with more ease. Because at the end of the day we want your goals  to fund your personal joy, not the other way around. We will also be assessing your time commitments. What we will cover here are your personal boundaries, your prior commitments, and a 10 day no BS accelerator plan to get you winning often and crushing the milestones so you feel confident and clear on what you’re achieving next. Then we will wrap the call up with a time management and mindset assessment. This section ultimately determines where you see yourself feeling stuck or overwhelmed over the next 10 days, and how we can address your daily habits to combat those limiting beliefs and effortlessly support the life you want to create.

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*payment options available


og VPE method

og VPE Method

3 sessions, zoom calls

90 minutes each

First Session - Kickoff Call + Diving Into Your Vision

During this first session I will guide you through the framework of our sessions for VPE, the expectations for each session, the between call assignment overview, and I will ask you a series of questions regarding your goals and the resistance that has been coming up for you around accomplishing these goals. what benefit will achieving this goal bring to your life? If this is a business goal, how will this goal benefit your personal goals? We will conclude the call with an overview of the assignment required for the next call.



*payment options available

Second Session - Planning

During this session we will identify your non-negotiables aka boundaries, as well as prior commitments, and energetic blockers that are preventing you from staying consistent and keeping your commitments on your calendar to your goals. Here we will start to lay out the first part of the VPE Goal Map with some high level goals to accomplish within the next week, and an assignment for our next session. 

og VPE method

og VPE Method

3 sessions, zoom calls

90 minutes each

Third Session - Execution

 During this call we will identify patterns in what is important to you based on your homework. We will discuss where you felt challenged and if there was resistance around creating this perfect day. We will then identify your non-negotiables. These are the pillars at which your sustained energy and happiness rest upon. We will also talk about prior commitments (9-5 job, kids, etc), boundary setting, and how to maximize your productivity based on what works for you! 

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og VPE method

og VPE Method

3 sessions, zoom calls

90 minutes each


Yes, I actually offer a discounted rate on additional sessions if you book additional sessions within 24 hours after our call. If you're interested in the rates for these sessions please email me at 


Can I get additional sessions?


Can I reschedule?

of course! i allow rescheduling up to 24 hours before our next session, anything less than 24 hours and your session expires. you will have to purchase another session. *Emergency exceptions are made, please contact me for specifics!


Can I upgrade from Accelerator to Og?

Yes, you can upgrade during your accelerator session, the 24 hours after the accelerator session, or before your accelerator session to the og method and can receive REIMBURSEMENT for the difference in rates.

have a question and don't see it listed? please send me an email directly to and I will get back to you within 24-48 hours.


VPE Accelerator

What's the difference between


OG Method



I designed the VPE accelerator call to be an approachable way for people to begin the real work of breaking down our limiting beliefs and resistance barriers. because the "real work" as I call it and teach on is less about what we put on our to do lists everyday and more about how we frame and energetically show up to our lives as a whole each day. This work is more deeply explored in the og method, 3 part offer as you see above.

imagine waking up everyday and feeling confident and clear on exactly what you're doing, why you're doing it, and knowing exactly how it is getting you one step closer to a full f*ck yes life.

I want to give you the exact steps I took, the precise questions I asked, and the bullet proof mindset tools I employed to not only build my profitable photography business, but grow a top 200 podcast, start a coaching business, and host 5 events all in one year.

Let's Work Together Already!

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I could pee my pants at how excited I am that you're here. No lie, working with you or not, I am stoked you are curious about what is possible for you. Wanna know why?

Because you are the only you. The only one, forever, and that gift that is knocking on your heart? That goal that you want to reach? That's just the beginning of your greatness, this is your badass story and you're here because you're finally waking up to it and that shit is powerful. 

& I'm f*cking honored you're here.