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If you dont know by now, here is your full disclosure promise to you, everything I can possibly offer to you. It's here. not half -assed, not shiny carrot dangling, if I know it and thought it was valuable for you to know. it's in this shop. so therefore my family's macaroni salad recipe didn't make the cut, I did say valuable after all. :) 

daily vision guide


Shut Down Imposter Syndrome and Launch Your Damn Podcast

My Exact Steps to Feel Confident In Your Story in the Midst of Uncertainty


The Master episode checklist

The easy as pie, super professional, you got your shit together every time you interview a guest checklist.




Eight steps that take less than ten minutes to start your day focused, confident, and clear AF.


do you struggle to prioritize your time?

what if I told you what you need isn't about time at all?

The number one complaint I hear is, "Cait, I just don't have enough time." But what I really hear in this statement is ALL ABOUT ENERGY. When we are in flow state, it's like the magic flows effortlessly out of us. What if you could tap into that energetic flow every single day?

Craft the PLAN: We deep dive into your prior commitments, boundaries, and energetic blockers

Fail proof EXECUTION: Time management and limiting beliefs. We identify exactly what might come up to hold you back when you start showing up for your goals.

Creating VISION: complete goal assessment because we can't get anywhere if we aren't clear on where we are going. 

do you struggle to prioritize your time?

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This was by far the best session I've ever paid for. If you're thinking about it, just do it. You won't regret it.


“Cait really helped me while I was starting out my Virtual Assistant business get into alignment with the services to offer that I enjoyed, and the appropriate price to charge. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t of had the confidence and clarity to be charging what I am!”