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    for impact-making visionaries

    If you just want to launch a successful podcast, there are other "how-to" courses out there for you. If you want to create a space that brings people together and makes a real difference for your listeners, then there is no better place to start than here. I'll teach you everything you need to know to create a podcast with purpose, filled with content that converts, and the plan to keep it up with consistency without the stress.

    this course includes: 6 modules, over 6+ hours of interactive video trainings, group coaching accountability calls, a private community group (not on Facebook!), the play-by-play workbook,  and plug n play Trello templates to keep it all organized.

    This course will give you all the how-to on top of the personal development work to bring out the best in YOU.

    "I want a podcast but I'm not sure I have anything interesting or original to say."

    "I've had a podcast in the back of my mind for sometime, but what if no one is interested?"

    "I think a podcast would be a great addition to my business but I already have a lot on my plate."

    if this sounds like you, keep reading...

    The common, "yea, buts...." that stop you from getting started....

    The common, "yea, buts...." that stop you from getting started....

    I get it.

    You're already balancing Instagram, a Facebook community, and probably a semi-regular-ish newsletters, and adding one more platform to create for seems overwhelming just to think about.

    Not to mention finding time for regular life stuff, and having a weekend. (what's that?)

    And you've probably searched on Pinterest a time or two on "how to launch a podcast" and were met with a dictionary of tech jargon that shut you down so fast you didn't even add the microphone you were looking at to your Amazon cart....

    It gets


    real fast.

    IF YOU’RE TIRED OF PIECE-MEALING the hollow "how to launch a podcast" content on the internet, this is the complete guide to getting it done, and doing it with purpose.

    IF YOU’RE TIRED OF PIECE-MEALING the hollow "how to launch a podcast" content on the internet, this is the complete guide to getting it done, and doing it with purpose.

    "I've always wanted to start a podcast but I just didn't know how to actually start."

    no overwhelm included

    What's included

    how this works

    this is the breakdown

    not happening here....

    Six modules and 6+ hours of interactive videos showing you the step-by-step methods I used to create a podcast that has been downloaded in 30+ countries worldwide, not to mention doubled my income (passively!), and increased my traffic to my website + social platforms ten fold.

    Four Group Coaching Accountability Calls where you'll be able to ask questions, workshop, and problem solve in real-time with me and other course participants.

    Private Community Group (not on Facebook!) to check-in, brainstorm, share progress, and celebrate the wins daily through-out the 6 week program with me and the group!

    A play-by-play workbook, checklists, and trello templates for workflow!

    Immediately after purchase you'll get access to the introductory module in the course where you will get the Group Zoom Call schedule to add to your calendar, the Slack channel links to hop into the group and introduce yourself, a complete play by play of each module and what to expect for the weeks going forward.

    On October 5th, the first Module will be available to begin and each week a new module will drop so there is literally zero chance for overwhelm overload! 

    And any time during the week that you have a question, anything from marketing to making money podcasting, I'll be available on Slack for the full six weeks to help you along!

    This course helped break down exactly what steps need to be taken, and how things need to be planned out for podcasting success. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is actively wanting to start a podcast, but are just not sure where to being. Literally, "from stuck to started" is the perfect name. Also, Cait is very informative, very engaged, and very helpful. On top of that she will be your number one cheerleader throughout the whole process, and who doesn't want their own personal cheerleader?"


    - Dr. Danielle Reghi


    The Foundation

    We'll start with your title, topics, and target audience nailing down the foundation to your purpose-driven messaging so we are creating content for your target listener every single time you hit record.


    Module 2 > Equipment + Software

    title | Target Audience | Show Description

    Equipment + Software

    Are you ready to get your recording station set up? In this module I will walk you exactly what your equipment should be for any situation, and how to get started recording your first episodes.


    Microphones | Recording

    Module 3 > Implementation


    The best way to learn, is to dive right in. In this module I will not only be giving you the framework for creating engaging solo episodes, and enticing interviews but we will begin giving those mics a spin: recording time!


    solocasts | interviews | Intro | outro

    Module 4 > planning + Prep

    Planning + Prep

    Now that we have some material to work with, I will show you exactly how I organize and plan my workflow to keep productive, on task, and my time managed. There are a lot of moving parts producing and promoting a podcast but with this system, you will always be focused on creating intentional and focused content for the maximum impact for your audience.


    organization | Trello | Content creation

    Module 5 > hosting


    Now we got it organized, we have to get it out there. Using Simplecast, I will walk you through exactly how to upload all your podcast content, upload to iTunes, and begin submitting your show to all the top podcast directories. 


    simplecast | iTunes | platform submission

    Module 6 > Launch strategy

    Launch Strategy

    The weeks leading up to the day you go live are crucial to not only to grab the IG handle and the matching URL but to flex on that fear that always comes up when we vulnerably put something out into the world. In this section I will give you the exact steps, things to do, and hype to create every step of the way leading up to launch day and how to celebrate and share this big accomplishment for maximum visability.


    pre-launch | launch day visability

    BONUS > The goodies

    Who doesn't love a little extra?

    In high school I was farrrr from my teachers favorite, but extra credit is the name of this game. If you really want to get a leg up on your workflows, content planning, and great insight on graphics to promote your episodes this is the treasure box you want to unpack! I give you lengthy editing tutorials, SEO for working smarter, not harder, and so much more.


    editing | Promo graphics | audiograms | Seo

    $1000 value, INCLUDED

    Module 1 > foundations

    I am committed to bringing you the best of me, are you committed to bringing you the best of you?

    NEXT >


    When you say yes to sharing your story and your skills through podcasting there are so many new opportunities that all with one first yes suddenly open so many new doors.

    Access to people and communities that you may not have before

     Direct influence on your listener’s lives and the lives they have around them every time you air an episode

    A beta test market that already chose you and are completely focused on your message while they listen to your episodes

    Monetization and diversifying your income through insourced or outsourced sponsorships

    Group Coaching

    i believe the best way to get things done is to have someone who's got your back.


    you won't only have me, you'll have the whole group!

    In addition to the Private Slack Group, you will have access to me for (4) 60 minute group coaching and accountability sessions.

    Here you will be able to ask questions, brainstorm, and celebrate wins with the other participants inside the group!

    $1200 value

    Course overview:

    Module 1:

    - Crafting Your Title + Honing in on your Ideal Target Listener

    - Picking Topics + Podcast Categories

    - Writing your Perfect SEO Show Description

    Module 2:

    - Microphones for your Budget + Other Recording Accessories for Professional Sound Quality

    - Recording Software Options

    Module 3:

    - How to Create an Engaging Solocast

    - Best Practices for Great Interviews

    - Recording Time: Using Adobe Audition Craft Your First .WAV File

    Module 4:

    - How to Use Trello to Plan, Organize, + Create Months of Content that Converts

    - Filing Systems for Optimal Organization

    Module 5:

    - Step-by-Step on Using Simplecast to Host Your Podcast

    - How to Submit your Podcast to iTunes + Other Popular Directories

    Module 6:

    - Pre-Launch + Launch Day Strategy for Maximum Visibility 


    - Creating Promotional Content Using Canva

    - Deep Dive into SEO for Podcasting


    - Episode Creation + Editing Basics on Adobe Audition

    - Creating an Audiogram Using Wavve


    - Workbook

    - Trello Plug n Play Template

    - Pre-Launch Promotional Calendar

    - Private Community Group 

    Podcasting is an experience unlike any other because you really get to take the listeners on a journey of your choosing and not just with an image on a grid or a 30 second video clip or caption but you get to have lasting impressions on people all over the world and build a community in a deeper way unlike ever before.

    How freaking cool is that?! 

    The She’s Hungry Podcast has been downloaded in over 30+ countries worldwide.

    Amazing, right?

    I'm the host behind the She's Hungry Podcast, top rated podcast on iTunes in 2019. This is the same podcast that I didn't tell anyone about for a full year, and the very one that I took a 7 month hiatus from to realign and come back on purpose. After that the podcast has grown from 1,126 downloads to 25k in a little over a year. It is now listened to in over 35 countries worldwide. When I'm not podcasting, I'm either working with my clients to live their lives fully on purpose and holding them fiercely accountable, or I'm traveling the country getting curious about the world we live in and the people we share it with. I deeply love you. Know that, I'm rooting for you.

    Hey, I'm Cait