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Today I have an incredible conversation with Madison Eker (she/her) the Founder of Sum of Us Fest, the first ever wellness festival for womxn, trans, and non-binary folx. Madison Eker (she/her) is a trailblazer in the LGBTQ+ wellness industry and the visionary and CEO behind Sum of Us Festival and Sum of Us Virtual Festival. […]

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In today’s episode host, Cait Pearson covers the most common fears that come up when people are either launching or growing their podcasts. So many people heavily promote the “how-to” of podcasting, which is fine but the plan is only as great as the person feeling confident to execute it. This is where I begin. […]

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I learned so much about gut health in today’s interview with functional nutritionist Frankie Leigh. This is such an important topic that I know a lot of other women struggle with especially during times of stress. Frankie expresses how your body copes with stress from the things that you are eating and how stress in […]

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In this final guest episode of season two Cait Pearson talks with behavioral health coach, Kelley Hoag. Kelley is a behavioral health advisor with a master’s of science in a well applied behavioral analysis and a certificate in integrative nutrition as the founder of Root to Rise Health. She uses behavior change and holistic health […]

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Cait and Laura in this episode talk all about how self care has different meanings for each individual and how the “hustle” mindset might not be in your best intentions. Laura shares her self care tips and how this journey has changed her mindset and the way she looks at her past, present and future. By the end of this episode, you will really be able to view your schedule and priorities in a more intentional way to be able to choose yourself first, and make self care a daily routine.

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In this episode, Cait and Mack formed a true bonding talking about so many different topics that are important to hear no matter where you are along the Entrepreneurship journey. Mackenzie expresses what it’s like to write a Fiction book, why Fiction books are just as important to self-development books when it comes to internal growth, how to listen to your intuition to become more intune with your passion as a business owner, and how to remain creative in quarantine. For anyone listening who is a creative themselves or is wanting to begin following their passion, you’ll learn exactly how to get past any hangups to create the vision you have.

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