+ Honoring the terms of this agreement, and understand that by honoring these commitments you increase the effectiveness of this process and the work we do together.

The "Non-Negotiables" + Community Agreements

Commitments to Honor this Space + Each Other 

The purpose for these non-negotiable agreements is so people feel safe to express their truth and so we can cultivate a purposeful and intentional environment. 

 I will show up on time. 

The work we do is built on a foundation of trust and respect. As we walk through any group sessions it is important to be mindful of the commitment we each have made to being there, being present, and the safe space we are creating for this work. Please come prepared, in a quiet space you can speak freely from start to completion of our call. Time is not a renewable resource, please do your best to respect that. 

I will be open to varied perspectives and individual experiences. 

Everyone is on their own journey, including ourselves and we are all capable and powerful creators of our lives. No fixing, saving, or correcting each other. Allow it to be messy, for yourself and others. 

It is not okay to speak about someone else's experiences outside of this group. Safety is built through trust, plain and simple. Don't make this hard, no drama please. 

I will use "I  " statements and ask before giving feedback. 

Because we have all have different experiences through our "life school" this is a wildly beneficial space to learn, expand, and gain wisdom through the incredible participants in this group. It's important to remember though that we want to be actively supportive at all times, and invited in on what that support would look like for each individual here. Asking questions like, "Are you open to feedback?" is a great way to request permission. In the same respect, I encourage you to be an active advocate for what support looks like for you, "No, thank you, not right now" is always a welcomed response when feedback doesn't feel in alignment for you at this time. This exchange and opportunity is a privilege and being mindful and respecting where people are at is apart of that. Set boundaries and take what serves you and leave the rest! 

I will bring problems or concerns directly to Cait.

Straight-forward? No one likes gossip, so if you're having an issue with the program or someone within the program the best way to handle it is to bring them directly to me. Allow it to be a moment of growth for all of us, and as Martin Luther King said, "darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that." Let's shed light on the issues together because I'm happy to support whatever is coming up for you! 

No puddle-sitters.

I trust that you have the highest understanding on how to heal and what feels best for you when challenges arise. Outside influence will not pressure you through that process for you. I ask that you stay open to compassionate curiosity as you move through challenging things. Setting aside judgement to inquire with your inner truth and knowing more deeply will strengthen a bond within yourself and trust on how to move through it (maybe even before you feel 'ready'). 

I will be present and support myself to the best of my ability always.

Being present with this work and yourself will give you the greatest opportunity for transformation. Remember that you are the creator of your experience and you inner knowing is the only boss of you. Trust that you are on your own divine path and bringing focus back to self will help to ground you in the process. You are the only boss of you, but question often "is this from wonder and possibility? or from fear?" 


As your coach, I commit to: 

+ Showing up fully with presence, energy, compassion, and honesty to our time together. I will listen intently and challenge you when you're playing small. I will push you to inquire with your inner wisdom often, and always give you the most direct feedback. And I will do this all with so much damn love. 

+ Holding sacred a space you feel safe and seen, you feel heard, and supported to explore what's possible for you, what you're creating, and to take risks on this journey together! 

+ Promoting curiosity as we get clear on your purpose and intentions, and adding in helpful strategy to illuminate the path forward through your life and business. 

As my client, you commit to: 

+ Accepting an active role as the creator of your experience and you accept 100% of the responsibility in the choices you make, and the results of this work together. How you choose to step forward with the support and information you receive is yours. 

+ Leaning in to curiosity and the uncomfortability that may come up as we reconstruct society expectations, old stories, limiting beliefs, and other specific issues you bring to our time together. 

+ Being your own greatest source of your inner knowing. The only authority on that is you, and if you fall off the boat, you recommit to taking a breath, and getting back in as the captain of this ship. 

+ Accepting an active role in this work and giving me 100% honest feedback on what is and what is not working for you. Be proactive, responsible, and a steadfast advocate for your own needs. 

I will leave what is said in the room.