I'm cait! (she/her) A Pennsylvania native stirring up trouble in the Pacific Northwest. I'm the Founder of she's hungry. a community that brings people together to connect, collaborate, and cultivate a no bullshit space where we not only ask, “how can we give” before “what can we get” but we
follow through with intuitive inspired action to raise each other up.

I'm also the host of the she's HUNGRY podcast, she's hungry summit event host, speaker, and multi-passionate life enthusiast with big ass dreams.
Four main food groups: tacos, pizza, chicken wings, and wine.




puddle-sitters are people who have forgotten they are the creator of their life, forgotten their perspective is MALLEABLE, and who use a victim mindset as a shield whilst they sit in their puddle. Resulting in v pruney feet, and that just ain't our style here.

if you think you might be a puddle sitter and are tired of your pruned feet, click here,

*see also blame-givers in the dictionary for reference.

"This chick is a major life influencer! No matter what state of mind, spirit, or physical being you're in... she fuels your inspiration with passion in seconds!"

An ounce of Cait, a dab of wine, & a pinch of laughter and you are ready to take on the whole universe! She ignites your energy and makes you stand taller just knowing that she offers a fierce community of raw talent, pure heart and a soul for giving! Cait you rock my world, my daughter's new future, & we want more please! 
- Lisa Brumm, My Financial Girlfriend

“Cait really helped me while I was starting out my Virtual Assistant business get into alignment with the services to offer that I enjoyed, and the appropriate price to charge.

If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t of had the confidence and clarity to be charging what I am!” - Anna Schild VA

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Fun Facts

my obession with coffee is real, I have a "mom" tattoo to celebrate it. ask me to see it!

I once ate 36 chicken wings and a brownie from my favorite wing place, Fire on the Mountain here in Portland.

I hate the texture and taste of runny or "dippy" eggs. No thank you, so gross.

Let's Do This!

Let's Do This!

How much longer are you going to keep playing small?

There is not one single thing you will do in this life that doesn't require the first step. This is your sign, the time is now. Are you ready to kick imposter-sydrome to the curb once and for all and give yourself permission for a f*ck yes life?

"Cait Pearson of She's Hungry is nothing short of an inspiration."

"Her story, her manor, her ambition, her work ethic, her enthusiasm, and her genuine spirit encompass the crux of empowering female leadership." 
- Paloma Ovesen

Grab your coffee, let's go

Grab your coffee, let's go

Grab your coffee, let's go

"Driven by an unyielding tenacity to help people, Cait is truly making a difference in the lives and mindsets of people all over the world."

"Anyone who gets an opportunity to work with her, the way I have, will see positive change in all aspects of their lives. I 100% support her missions!"   
- Chance Jackson

Grab your coffee, let's go

Grab your coffee, let's go

Grab your coffee, let's go